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Gift Couture: Premium Wrapping Paper Sets

If your gifts are lame, you can always wow them with the presentation.
Gift Couture has this cute idea that will soon be available: wrapping paper that coordinates with itself in a creative way.

There are about two days left to back the Gift Couture project on KickStarter. The funding goal has already been reached, but donating to the project secures your place at the top of the distribution list.

Once produced, we will begin the process of distributing to everyone who supported us, sending promotional sets to retailers and opening our online store at giftcouture.com. Funding will also encourage and enable us to release additional coordinated sets, which will be available online and through retail partners.

Each complete set of Cheeseburger wrapping paper will be packaged and include the following:

2 – 27″ x 40″ Sheets of Bun

1 – 27″ x 40″ Sheet of Hamburger

1 – 27″ x 40″ Sheet of Cheese

1 – 27″ x 40″ Sheet of Lettuce

1 – 27″ x 40″ Sheet of Tomatoes

Thank you to all of our supporters! Everyone who contributes to our project will be featured on a special contributors section of the upcoming official Gift Couture website. We are also offering individual wrapping paper sheets and complete sets, and our highest backers will each receive one of our hand-made golden cheeseburger trophies as a sign of our appreciation!

Found on thisisn’thappiness and DesignMilk.com

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